How much Fight do you have?


You don’t get everything you want in life – and when life knocks you back it can be easy to start thinking about changing track.  Maybe there is something else I could do instead.  It’s easier to give up sometimes than to handle a beating. “You have got to fight for what you want”.


My first world title fight was in Las Vegas, the fight capital of the World, can you imagine? – I was just 25 and the atmosphere was incredible, the opportunity of a life time.


The fight started, world title fights are not easy to win, especially in Las Vegas. It was a real battle but the fight was eventually stopped after I got bad cuts over both eyes. I was so disappointed. I was so certain I was going to win.


I had lost and while I was sitting in the changing room waiting to have my face stitched up. “That’s one of the things I used to hate after a fight is getting stitched up just after I had been bashed up, an occupational hazard right”, I began to think there must be easier ways I could make a living, and maybe I should think about getting a proper job!


Fortunately, I couldn’t think of anything else that would give me the same level of motivation, excitement and fulfilment.  So I decided to “man-up” and work even harder to achieve my goal of being a World Champion.


That’s It, That’s Life, That’s Business:  Sometimes you just have to “man up”,


Sometimes it can be much too easy “to make do with less” to think that “Maybe it’s not meant to be” to “accept failure”. 


But I don’t see it as failure, but as feedback.  It’s an opportunity to learn and then apply the lesson whilst staying focused on the goal, the future ahead.


Don’t let setbacks make you give up, be brave and bold and go for what you deserve and want.  Fight for success and you’ll be in that band of people who stand out from the rest because they won’t give up.


Billy Schwer

Performance expert

Specialist in Mental – Physical – Nutritional Fitness 




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