Your Future is there for the Taking!

I believe your future, what will happen to you next, is up to YOU. You have the power to Create, Generate and Cause your own destiny.  The past is the past, you will only ever be as good as the next challenge ahead, the next deal, your next fight and it seems like we are all fighting something right?


After my first failed attempt at the world title, I had to re-create my future, I had to get over the disappointment, look at what was missing, not what was wrong, what was missing, the presence of which would make the difference and then get back in the  gym and make it happen.


In the time that followed I won the European title, and defended it three times before I was ready to take on my second attempt at the world title,  I was ranked number one in the world, ready to fight the very best and this time it was at Wembley Arena, London.  I stepped up into the ring that night prepared not to come out.


I was willing to make the ultimate sacrifice to win the title to become the champion of the world. 


The bell went, the fight started, this guy was so quick I just couldn’t catch him.   It was like trying to catch lightning, he was the best in the world and the first half of the fight was brutal..



The second half was fast and furious and it went the full 12 rounds…

I remember standing in the centre of the ring awaiting the decision.


The little voice in my head was saying “did I do enough” “could I have done more”  and then they made the announcement…. The winner is…. They didn’t call my name, I had lost..


Now there was a lot of controversy after the fight, as my opponent failed the drug test, “no wonder I could not catch him” … AND unfortunately for me he got off on a technicality!


I was so disappointed... Do you ever think that life is unfair?

It shouldn’t be this way? Have you ever felt cheated?


The lesson I learned from that fight, from that period of time, was, for me to become a world class athlete, a world champion, I had to be powerful in the face of adversity, setbacks and defeat.  I realized I had to leave the past in the past, and move on.


Do you dwell in the past for to long?


It’s all about the future you are living into, the future you’re creating; no one said it would be easy…


What lessons can you take from your experiences? Are you ready to allow the past to be in the past?


Are you ready to move forward and create and design YOUR future…Now?


for world class results
for peak performance
for optimal health and wellbeing