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I recently spoke at a partner meeting for Jenson Solutions at the great Eight Club in London, one of the partners, Martin Spiller, was so inspired by The 7 Steps to Unbeatable Mental Fitness that he wrote the following article and suggested I shared it....

Don’t Interrupt a World Champion Boxer when he is Working!

Martin Spiller is a partner with Jenson Solutions, a member of the Seed EIS investment panel amongst other things and these were his thoughts.......

There are some events you attend that make a really big impression on you and there are those that you instantly forget. For the most part our Jenson Solutions partner meetings fall into the former category (honestly! provided you exclude one or two agenda points on admin which usually find me reaching for Twitter) and are interesting, challenging and fun in equal measure.  The most recent partner get together was definitely one of the most memorable to date as, continuing our series of guest speakers, we were fortunate enough to have a presentation by Billy Schwer. 

Billy is now a speaker and performance coach, but in the past was a professional boxer that won British, Commonwealth, European and World Titles, as you will see from the picture with the IBO belt.  Now I am a huge sports fan so I was extremely impressed with Billy’s World Title, so impressed in fact I managed to interrupt the famous boxer (note to self probably not the wisest plan in retrospect) on three separate occasions with a number of truly outstanding exploits – favourite amongst which was opening a bottle of sparkling mineral water that subsequently exploded everywhere.  Despite this, and proving he is a true champion who follows his own advice (see below), Billy gave a thoroughly captivating and interesting presentation of his 7 Steps to Unbeatable Mental Fitness.

I know from discussions afterwards that all the partners really enjoyed the presentation and with his kind permission I have summarised Billy’s key points from the talk below (which are available in full via www.billyschwer.com/email.php):

#1 Win or lose you choose
Whether you win or lose in life is largely down to the choices you make for yourself.  The past does not decide your future unless you let it and the future is always exactly that, in the future.  The key to success is developing mental fitness that allows you to make choices and determine the route you want to take in life.

#2 Knock out fear
Each person has the little voice of doubt in their head, and denial can be a powerful negative force impacting on your ability to move forward to achieve your goals.  You must stop reacting and begin to plan and “mentally box” with your doubts by challenging yourself every single day, confronting your issues to knock out fear!

#3 Fight for what you want
You must determine what is important to you and what you want to have in your life and then you must fight for it.  The future is the one that you create so you must ask yourself:

What will you fight for?

What do you want so bad?

How far are you willing to go?

What are you willing to do to achieve your goals?

#4 You are only as good as your next fight
But at all times you must remember that you are only as good as the last challenge you faced.  You must constantly strive to leave the past behind and not be constrained by them as you determine the future you want to achieve.  The question is, are you willing to make the sacrifices necessary to get where you want to go?

#5 Jab and move
You need to be flexible in pursuit of your goals.  You need to be willing to look at different angles and try different strategies.  Just because you fail initially doesn’t mean the goal is out of your reach, it just means you need to try a different method. And you need to remember that you have to fight for what you want, so you must question how much you want it.

After all, to emphasize this point, Billy told us that he was not a world champion at his first, second or third attempt.  It took Billy four attempts to achieve his goal and along the way he had to try different ways to finally reach his dream.

#6 Take it on the chin
Sometimes things will just not go your way and you need to deal with the disappointments and failures along your path.  You need to be able to recover from the knocks, change your tactics and try again.  If you aren’t able to deal with setbacks then they begin to constrain you as your past begins to constrain your future.

#7 Box clever
Constantly apply the 6 principles outlined above.  Remember that things seldom go smoothly but that you are in charge of your destiny – (#1) you must challenge yourself and confront your fears, (#2) but you must decide what you want and fight for it, (#3) and you must forget the past and focus only on your goals, (#4) whilst at the same time ensuring you utilise different tactics, (#5) and recognise that sometimes set backs occur, it is how you deal with them that matters (#6)!

Using Billy’s 7 Steps to Unbeatable Mental Fitness, in future I decided that I will not be buying sparkling mineral water and then opening at a partner meeting in front of a world champion boxer again.  Not only is it unprofessional and a tad embarrassing, but if that boxer doesn’t happen to be quite so zen then perhaps it wouldn’t just be fear that was getting knocked out, and rightly so!

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