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 The 12 Round Billy Schwer Experience


Billy Schwer, former world light welterweight boxing champion has created an Innovative, Intense, Impactful programme especially for the successful, driven, results oriented winner like YOU!
Billy worked and trained relentlessly in his pursuit of success in boxing. As a result of the hard physical work, great coaching and a mindset of a champion which gave him the winning edge; he became the British, Commonwealth, European and World Champion.
As a world class athlete Billy knows more than many what it takes to succeed in achieving your dreams.
This programme breaks down Billy’s success into 12 fundamental principles that had him get to the top in one of the toughest,  gruelling and most demanding sports there is – professional boxing
In his intensive 12 round Mental Physical and Nutritional fitness experience you will know you have been put through your paces….
Billy will work with you on a 1:1 basis, over a mind blowing 12 week period that will stay with you forever, giving you, extreme, experiential and extraordinary coaching and training sessions.
You will quite literally be left with the ability to transform any area of your life overcoming obstacles and self limiting beliefs that may currently prevent you from achieving/living your dream.
The 12 Round Billy Schwer experience is a unique, bespoke, personally tailored programme which will combine mental, physical and nutritional coaching sessions.
Here’s a sneak preview of what you’ll get… 

Round 1 DESIRE


'Goals are just dreams with deadlines…'


In this session you will work on getting really clear on the result that you desire, you will align your motivation, commitment and passion to a specific goal that quite literally compels you into action. In life we tend to think we have goals and dreams but rarely do we take the time to actively state them as a reality and declare them to a coach who commits to them with as much as vigour as you (maybe even more!!)


This session will also have you understand how DESIRE is the fundamental ingredient required to achieve any goal that you set for yourself and you will learn how to bring that desire to all areas of your life, at will.


“Have what you want – want what you have”





In round 2 you will learn a mind blowing technique for realising your goals. Sports athletes have always been ahead of their game in using visualisation techniques to enhance their performance, and now neuroscience is catching up and proving the enormous benefits of matching visualisation with physical training and its contribution to the achievement of stated goals.


Following this session you will be left with no doubt about the power of this method for application in any area you wish to experience elevated results.


This is a tool for life! And you get to keep it forever.


“See for yourself – your future,

Live into that future = exciting life, right Now”




‘If you think you can or can’t, you will…’

At this stage of your journey you will be experiencing increased motivation and sense of purpose, drive and determination. This session will equip you with the necessary understanding of how you control and are at the mercy of your attitude.


Billy will show you how you can create a shift in attitude, rapidly and at will to optimise your performance – whether physical, mental or emotional. Knowing this information will enable you to ‘switch on’ your most Powerful and Winning Attitudes whenever and wherever it is required.


Following this session you need never be a slave to your moods, emotions or negative thinking again.


“Is your Attitude having you win or lose?”





This session is the perfect platform to begin considering both commitment and excellence in your life. By now you will already be experiencing real time, tangible results; you will be fitter, leaner and stronger in every sense and Billy will help you to unlock the keys to bringing commitment to other areas where you wish to demonstrate excellence.


This session will leave you enlightened as you begin to see how and why you commit to some things and not to others, enabling you to evaluate your commitment and align fully to realising your goals and dreams. You will come to understand what truly motivates you and puts that fire in your belly and thus why you are committed to excellence when those conditions are met. When a human being is fully committed to something it ALWAYS leads to excellence and you will now be fully able to achieve excellence everywhere.


“When you get fully committed, life becomes easier”




And here comes the rub… commitment only turns to results when accompanied by the appropriate ACTION. And to take the required actions requires DISCIPLINE!


In this session you will identify your own unique ‘Achilles heel’ in the area of discipline. Once you have fully expanded your own understanding of how you trip yourself up, let yourself down and get in your own way you will have a breakthrough in building the necessary structures to guarantee your success. As a world class athlete Billy knows that success relies upon discipline – even when the going gets tough and you feel derailed, in this session Billy will help you to design your own unique framework for success that ensures daily practices, accountability and responsibility are a structured part of your life. Permanently!


“Discipline over time, is the key”





Dedication: dictionary definition: the quality of being devoted or committed to something.


In this session Billy will quite literally blow your mind! You will come to understand how the way in which you view the world alters the world you view.


Once you have understood this you will have even deeper insights into why your world looks the way it does, and therefore why there is a part of your life that you are totally dedicated and devoted to and probably another that occurs as somewhat lacking.


To turn from your average Luton schoolboy to a WORLD champion, Billy had to expand his view of success and literally dedicate himself to each new level of success with utter devotion. In this session Billy will show you the power of contexts and how to train yourself to shift them to quite literally expand your world.


“Your context to life is decisive”





Now you are half way through your programme – well done!! At this stage members are always experiencing a whole new take on life, along with real time, visible results and the achievement of set goals. Inevitably you will be feeling on a powerful high and have a renewed sense of vigour and zest for life. So…


Billy is more aware than any that this is a crucial time to evaluate progress, celebrate wins and prepare for what’s coming up. Sometimes when we’re winning we can be tempted to take our foot off the gas – and this tendency cannot be ignored.


Billy will work with you to revisit your commitments and ensure that you are realigned to your goals and that these are supported by a routine and small actions designed for success.


“Develop daily rituals to help you win more often”


Round 8 Belief


Billy delivers you to the topic of belief at this particular juncture quite deliberately, for by now you will certainly have experienced a full range of beliefs about yourself; what you are capable of, who you are and what you want.  To create long lasting and sustainable growth you have to believe – in what you are capable of, who you are and what you want.

In this session you will unearth deeply hidden belief systems and you will learn that quite often they aren’t even yours! You will explore how these have shaped your life and continue to shape the life that you lead and the results that you experience. You will also learn the perceptual positions technique to shift a limiting belief anywhere and at any time for any purpose.


“Think, believe, act – become”



Round 9 OVERCOMING FEAR (being at risk)


‘A Man’s mind once stretched can never return to its former dimensions’


In this round Billy delivers another knockout distinction to support your success and you will explore the originating source of fear that is unique to you and you alone! As a fighter Billy would go into the ring prepared to die and naturally that evoked a high level of FEAR which he consistently had to stare in the face, risk it all and take action anyway.


Once you have understood how your particular programming causes you to fear, doubt, avoid being at risk and withdraw you will never be able to see things the same way again.

You will leave this session free of the shackles of fear and able to take yourself on permanently.


“Free at last, free at last”


Round 10 TRUST


At this stage of the 12 round Billy Schwer experience you will have developed a whole new relationship with yourself, your unconscious mind and your relationship to the world you have created around you. Now it is time to deepen and fortify that relationship even further. In this session Billy will work with you to harmonise all parts of your self, tap into your unconscious desires and trust that you have all the resources required to accomplish anything.


“Turn your wants into must haves”



In this your penultimate round Billy will teach you an immediately useable technique for installing confidence (and other empowering states) at any time that they are required – before the presentation or pitch, during the difficult negotiation, competing in a sporting event, wherever you feel you could gain from being in your optimum state then you can deploy this technique for rapid results.


“Game changing! You got the power”





Billy knows more than most what is possible when we apply a razor sharp focus to something in our lives.


But this round is unusual in that it focuses on something he learnt and mastered AFTER he retired from the professional boxing ring!

It was one of the core principles that enabled him to pick himself up from depression, divorce and even bankruptcy and reawaken to create a life that he truly loves and previously only dreamt of. In this session you will learn the real power of wanting what you have rather than having what you want.


You will uncover a sense of gratitude and fulfilment and your challenge should you wish to accept, will be this; are you ready to live this year as though it were your last?



Billy loves to work with highly motivated and driven individuals with a commitment to win in life. If this is you then email


Commit to your Dreams.. Take Action.. and.. Make it Happen


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