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What does a World Champion Boxer know about success that you don’t, yet?

“Who Else Wants To Transform Their Results, Starting Right Now….Using The Simple But Powerful Secrets of a World Champion Boxer, & In Just A Few Short Hours?

“Book your team onto my transformational half-day Intensive and I personally GUARANTEE to give you 7 simple, yet powerful strategies to turn your results around in the next 12 months!”

“My results and attitude have skyrocketed since attending your fabulous workshop, many thanks!”
J.Jackman, Entreprenuer

If you’ve finally decided that now is the time to transform your results, life, earn big money, get in shape, or ignite your love and passion for life, then this could be the most exciting message you ever read.

Here’s why:
My Name is Billy Schwer, Former World Champion Boxer and now Professional Speaker, and Performance Expert
After reaching the top in what is arguably the toughest, gruelling and most demanding sport there is, I now help individuals, teams and businesses create powerful change for greater results.

If you want to discover and learn what inspires, inhibits, launches and changes results, then I’ve put together a special half-day intensive which I guarantee will help you and your team quickly go to the next level.

What can your people do to create a culture of rapid forward movement to produce the new ideas, results and energy which grows your company?

In my journey to becoming a world champion I went from being broke and unhappy to the pinnacle of sporting and financial success and incredible personal happiness using the amazing discoveries I made in the area of human achievement and excellence.

I’ve discovered very powerful, simple and little known breakthroughs which have turned my life around. I now teach the exact same strategies to people throughout the UK…In fact I’ve helped many ordinary people including doctors, students, international businessmen, celebrities and mothers on how to achieve their goals and make success happen by using what I call my 7 Principles of Success System .

And now I’d like to personally invite you to discover more and enjoy new results in your life (it doesn’t matter what results you are currently getting... my 7 Principles of Success will give you the tools to go to the next level...imagine what that could be like!)

 Here’s a small sample of what I will share with you and your team on the one-day intensive:

 I Will Personally Reveal  How To…

•    Make this Your Best Year Ever (You’ll learn how to instantly ‘snap’into peak emotional, mental and physical states to produce the results you’ve always wanted, fast)
•     Smash Through Any Past Stumbling Blocks and Fears To Create The Results You Really Want (What to do if things go ‘wrong’ and how to create turnaround quickly, easily and without pain)
•    Begin To Attract Everything You’ve Ever Wanted Into Your Life (What do want in your life? More money, success, confidence, a better body?)
•    Put a Permanent End to Life-Ruining Fear (Do you want to dump self-sabotage and fear forever, but have never been taught how? As a former World Champion Boxer I had to learn quickly just how to do this and I’ll share this strategy with you so you can finally say goodbye to this results sabotaging emotion)
•    Launching Into Your Own World Champion Mindset...for igniting business, sales, personal and team success (I’ll expose exactly how a champion thinks and how to do this yourself for stunning results!)
•    Plus much, much more...all to be revealed in this intensive workshop

Act Quickly or You Could Miss Out!


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